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Chris Cornell- Army of Love- Video Compilation #6

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Music by: Star Nayea
Song: Build Love
* Throughout the coming weeks, I will be making compilations of the videos sent in for Army of Love. This is a collective mass movement. Army of Love is about a choice. When hate, lies, deceit, abuse of power, bullying, manipulation, violence, abuse, darkness are presented into your life and world...on micro and macro scales- Army of Love is about steadfast focus on the light. It is about a choice, one that we have been given since the beginning of time. One that we have blindly misunderstood and misused ourselves since the beginning of time. I have said before, we serve darkness on this planet. We bow to it. It is in our media, movies, music, magazines, governments, leaders, reality TV. Gossip, fights, drama, attacking, control, manipulating...all darkness. The people who claim to be in light make popcorn and pour a glass of wine to watch these things...to take part of that social media thread war...to attack the dark. Same energy. Same exact energy. Our planet is being given opportunity to transcend the duality of dark and light. The only way to do this is to no longer waste energy judging the dark...and no longer waste energy idolizing it either with your attention. Dark and light are two ends of one spectrum. We cannot have one without the other. Both serve purpose. But for too long, the darkness has had the platform...and we, the ones who want to choose light, in its hooks. There must be an awakening. It is here now. Darkness throws situations and dramas out like chum to sharks...and we, the light go on a frenzy...getting swept up in the waves of drama and fighting and conspiracy. Some spending all day on threads arguing and looking all over the internet...taking fabricated stories meant to mislead, and spreading them as truth. Never realizing light is exhausting all of its focus on the wrong thing. All that is needed is to focus on light, not the problem. Focus on light, not the lie. Focus on light, not the abuse. There are those who will fight, and those who will hold the light. Both are of equal importance. But who is holding the light? Are you? Army of Love is about getting off the ride of all of this and staying absolutely focused on the outcome we are all wanting to see, feel, experience. The micro level is What has occurred with Chris Cornell...and how the people involved have brought about a blinding alarm ...through their own darkness....that now is the time for this choice to be made. Thank them for being a part of this collective shift. For without them, we would not be here at a crossroads. The Macro level is taking this same choice and choosing it in the face of what is going on in our world. Lastly, I want to say to those responsible for Chris's departure and bringing us to where we are now- If you think he was strong in body, with how many he was able to touch and move...JUST YOU WAIT. #armyoflove #planetarymovement #chooselight #chooselove #belight #betruth #standup #speakup #chriscornell #soundgarden

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